Executive Administrative Support 


Hi, my name is LaKeisha of Ready, Set, Assist! I provide executive administrative support to solo entrepreneurs, coaches and academic organizations who are seeking the support they need to streamline their administrative operations.


As their virtual assistant, I support them in this mission by providing  administrative, business development and marketing support which helps them focus on delivering their products to their clients.


I am here to help you grow your business! Additionally, I am ready to get your business organized and maximize your productivity.

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?


Whether you are just getting started or a seasoned entrepreneur a virtual assistant can help your business thrive.  While society conditions us to hustle as hard as we can we have to acknowledge that we should not have to do it all alone. Here are few reasons you should consider hiring a virtual assistant.

  • Save money by only purchasing the amount of service you need.

  • Operate as the talent in your business and delegate the rest.

  • Add value to your business by hiring a virtual assistant that can execute with excellence