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Executive Administrative Support 


Hi, I'm LaKeisha. I love helping entrepreneurs who are ready to step up their game in the business arena. Whether you're a solo entrepreneur or a coach, Ready, Set, Assist provides executive administrative support to help you accomplish your goals! I will help you grow your business by streamlining your administrative operations so you can focus on what's important - your products and clients.

The truth is, we're living in an age of great convenience. We can do all kinds of things—like order food and book hotel rooms and get groceries delivered—without ever having to leave our homes. But the problem is that all this convenience means we have more work on our plates than ever before. And when there's too much to do, we end up getting overwhelmed and feeling like we don't have time for anything fun anymore.

That's where a virtual assistant comes in! Ready, Set, Assist  can help you manage all those little tasks that otherwise would eat up your day—and then let you spend more time doing the things you love most: spending time with friends and family; traveling; reading; hitting your  business goals; whatever makes your heart sing!

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?


Whether you are just getting started or a seasoned entrepreneur a virtual assistant can help your business thrive.  While society conditions us to hustle as hard as we can we have to acknowledge that we should not have to do it all alone. Here are few reasons you should consider hiring a virtual assistant.

  • Save money by only purchasing the amount of service you need.

  • Operate as the talent in your business and delegate the rest.

  • Add value to your business by hiring a virtual assistant that can execute with excellence

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